Wag'in Tails Mobile Vet Care is now Wagin Tails Mobile Pet Vaccinations

Wag'in Tails Mobile Veterinary Care was established by Pinellas County veterinarian Robert Blanchard, DVM, MSc. Dr Blanchard is now focusing on Preventative and Wellness Medicine for dogs and cats. Through Wagin Tails Mobile Pet Vaccinations, pet owners in the North Pinellas County areas of Dunedin, Palm Harbor and Tarpon Springs can obtain their pet's vaccinations with all needed pet vaccines in the comfort and convenience of their own home. Wagin Tails Mobile Pet Vaccinations also offers preventative products for heartworm, intestinal parasites, fleas and ticks. To get your pet's important vaccinations and to maintain proper protection call us today Wagin Tails Mobile Pet Vaccinations: (727) 249-7727 We are here to help you and your pet by providing the best mobile veterinary pet shot service in north Pinellas County Florida. Our mobile pet vaccine clinic offers professional pet vaccinations within the comfort of your home. There are other affordable low cost mobile pet vaccination clinics in the area but they don't come to your home to provide this important pet health care service. We invite you to call Wag'in Tails Mobile Pet Vaccinationse and you won't be disappointed!

Professional - Caring - Reliable Mobile Veterinary Pet Vaccinations

"Caring for pets in the comfort of their own home." Visit our Wagin Tails Mobile Pet Vaccination website for all the details.

Who Needs a Mobile Vet?

Haven't used a mobile veterinarian yet? You might want to consider it, especially if any of the following may pertain to your own situation. Anyone can benefit from a good house call vet or mobile veterinary clinic;however, read the following to see who may in particular be helped by using a mobile veterinary practitioner.

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What Does a Mobile House Call Vet Do?

Cat Waiting for Vaccinations by Mobile Pet Vaccination VetWell simply, a veterinarian providing mobile veterinary services as a house call veterinarian, provides his or her clients and patients with routine and primary veterinary care services in the comfort and safety of the client’s and pet’s own home.

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Why Use a Mobile Vet 

 Use Mobile Pet Vaccination Vet to Avoid the StressThere are many reasons to use a mobile housecall veterinarian or mobile veterinary clinic. The most common reasons can be found in the following article. Consider these options for using a mobile vet.

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